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Dental Treatments

All you have to do is to contact us to benefit from quality and low-priced dental treatment services in Turkey. We plan the whole process for you.


As Health Center TR, we work with the highest quality clinic/hospital and the most experienced dentists in Turkey. With the confidence we get from this, we give you the privilege of offering the best and quality dental treatment services to our valued clients at the most affordable prices.


In order to benefit from the highest quality dental treatment services in Turkey, we enable you to find the most professional people and institutions in this field.


Our dentists have the experience and professionalism to meet all your demands and treatment needs. Our frequently performed dental treatment and dental aesthetic procedures are as follows:

* Hollywood smile,

* Dental implants,

* Dental Veneers,

* Crown veneers,

* Teeth whitening,

* All dental treatments


In addition to dental treatments, dental cosmetic procedures, which are requested by many people for a better appearance, are also performed. We have a large and experienced staff of dentists for dental cosmetic procedures.

For this reason, we guarantee that all your dental cosmetic procedures are performed in the highest quality hospitals and clinics by the most experienced physicians in the field.

It is enough to contact us for all your dental requests such as dental veneers, Hollywood smile, dental implants, all dental treatments and teeth whitening.

 Thus, you will be able to get quality dental treatment services at affordable prices. We will give you detailed information about the whole procedure.

State-of-the-art treatment methods and tools are used in our contracted clinics and hospitals for dental treatment and dental cosmetic applications.

Contact us for affordable dental treatment.

​You can get dental treatment services in the highest quality hospitals all over Turkey in accordance with your request in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other big cities.

You can reach us by filling out the request form, via our WhatsApp number or our e-mail address. If you inform us about the treatment method you request, we plan the whole process together and ensure that you come to Turkey with a pleasant health journey and get your treatment.


Please fill in the request form to get detailed information and price.

Kadın beyaz dişlek gülümseme


A dental crown is a protective layer that completely surrounds the tooth or dental implant. When the structure of the teeth begins to deteriorate, crowns are used when this situation begins to endanger dental health.

As Health Center TR, we offer quality and affordable options for all types of dental treatment. We know the importance of dental treatment and cosmetic dental applications. That's why we work with the best quality and expert dental treatment centers in Turkey.

You can contact us to get information about all the details such as what dental crowns are, how they protect your teeth, how dental crowns are applied, what dental crown fees are. You can contact us via live chat or WhatsApp message to get quick answers to your questions.

​In Turkey, dental crown application and all other dental treatment fees are much more affordable than the prices in your country. This is good news. So, how high quality is the dental treatment? The answer to this will also please you. Because Turkey is a country that uses the latest technologies in the field of health services, has a well-trained and experienced specialist physician staff. An important proof of this is that tens of thousands of people prefer Turkey every year just to get quality and cheap health services.

If you want to pay for the treatment in your own country, you can have a good treatment and a nice holiday in Turkey. Or you can save your remaining money. The choice is yours.


What are the benefits of having a Dental Crown?

* Giving your teeth a natural look

* Comfort

* Tooth Protection,

* It is in harmony with other teeth around it.




Dental implants are devices that go into the jawbone or skull bone to ensure the strength of dental crowns or dentures. Although they need dental implants, many people have some concerns about getting dental implants. Because they believe that making dental implants is a difficult process. Although there are some justifications in this regard, the implant procedure comes as a risk-free procedure when it is performed by specialist physicians.

As Health Center TR, we ensure that your dental implant procedures are performed by physicians specialized in this field, using the latest technology. You can contact us to be one of our hundreds of happy clients who have received service from us for dental implant construction.

We plan all your questions about dental implants, travel to Turkey, treatment and return to your country. You can get information about these details by contacting us.

Dental implant treatment is usually the last solution to dental problems. Therefore, it is very important that your dental implant is made by qualified and expert physicians and that you are satisfied with this treatment. That's why you can trust our specialists in dental implant treatment.

We can provide quality dental implant services in any city in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

A good dental implant contributes to solving your dental problems radically. What are the benefits of having a dental implant?

* It is a long-lasting solution.

* Provides a natural look,

* A nice smile,

* Does not stain,

* There is the possibility of treatment for partial or all teeth.


If you are looking for a place where you will be 100% satisfied with the result while getting quality and affordable service about dental implants. You should hurry to contact Health Center TR.




It is much easier and more affordable to have a great smile with the teeth whitening procedures you will receive from Health Center TR.

In addition, you will have these procedures performed by physicians who stand out with their expertise in cosmetic dental procedures and in the highest quality hospitals and clinics in Turkey. This will benefit you in many ways.


The most important benefitis that you will be able to do all your dental cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, in a much more affordable way compared to the prices in your country. Affordable price is not the only advantage of having dental treatment and dental cosmetic procedures in Turkey. In Turkey, these procedures are carried out by specialist physicians in quality hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology. Therefore, you will spend less money on treatments for which you will be satisfied with the result.

Teeth usually lose their natural white appearance due to factors such as tea, coffee and cigarettes. For this reason, the need for teeth whitening has become a necessity for many people all over the world. Cleaning the stains on the teeth, replacing the yellow appearance with white and clean teeth, has become very easy and fast with the teeth whitening process.

We offer fast, painless, easy and affordable solutions to achieve clean and white teeth, which are one of the most important parts of your appearance. If you have not yet decided on teeth whitening in Turkey, you can contact us without wasting any time. We will gladly answer all your questions.


The benefits of teeth whitening;

* a beautiful smile,

* Increase in self-confidence,

* a perfect first impression,

* peace with the cameras,

* Increased success in business and relationships,

* a more youthful and beautiful appearance.


With the advantageous packages, we offer you quality teeth whitening services in Turkey at affordable prices.

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