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Hair Transplantation

Surgical infrastructure and knowledge on hair transplantation in Turkey has become better than many countries. Physicians who are experts in this field in Turkey use the most up-to-date and modern hair transplantation techniques.


The most commonly used modern hair transplant method today is the FUE method. This method is also used in contracted hospitals and clinics in Turkey.


This method is applied by transplanting the healthy hair follicles taken from your neck to the bald areas without causing any damage to your head.

The prominent features of the FUE method are:

There is no visible and permanent scar.

You will have healthy and permanent hair.

The appearance of your transplanted new hair will be completely natural.

​​The duration of this procedure, which is performed by our specialists in hair transplantation, may vary depending on the number of hair strands to be transplanted.

It is possible to transplant approximately 5000 grafts as a result of an average 6-hour session. 1 graft = consists of 2-3 hair follicles.

Therefore, 5000 grafts means 10000-15000 hair follicles.

After hair transplantation, you will be able to return to your normal life immediately and step into your new life.


Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey is in the leading position in hair transplantation. You can contact Health Center TR in order to reach the best quality hospitals and clinics that perform hair transplantation in Turkey. If you want your hair transplant to be done by specialist doctors in this field, you are in the right place.

In addition to the fact that hair transplantation is done by qualified and expert physicians in Turkey, services are offered at much more affordable prices than in European countries. We enable you to reach the best quality clinics and physicians who offer affordable and quality Fue hair transplant procedures.

Hair is one of the most important components of appearance for both men and women. It is possible for people who have lost their hair for various reasons to regain their hair much easier and faster. The effect of hair on your appearance is more than you can imagine. The lack of hair makes people very difficult about self-confidence and bilateral relations. You don't have to accept this situation. Because with today's technology, you will have completely natural looking strong hair after hair transplantation.

Great strides have been made in hair transplantation, especially compared to the first years of this technology. The Fue method is the latest technology in hair transplantation. Many famous artists and athletes have chosen this as a hair transplant method and regained their hair. Wayne Rooney is among the celebrities who have had hair transplants using the Fue method. After hair transplantation with this method, the results and appearance are much better, as well as the recovery and return to normal life time is very short.


What is the FUE Method?


We tell it for everyone who misses their hair. What is the FUE Method with all its aspects?

Hair loss may be due to age, genetic or environmental effects. However, it is now possible to replace your lost hair with your own natural looking hair. With the developing technology, hair transplantation has become a much easier and painless method today.


The most up-to-date method of hair transplantation is the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. By using this method, the person can achieve the natural look they want much more easily.

In the FUE method, hair follicles taken from a certain area of ​​the head are transplanted to areas where there is no hair. The hair to be removed is removed by a method called follicle removal. For this, first of all, the hair should be shortened to an average of 1 mm. Local anesthesia is applied to the area where the hair will be transplanted. Thus, no pain and ache is felt. In this way, hair transplantation is performed with the FUE method without any cuts or stitches on your head.

The following are experienced in the process after hair transplantation with the FUE method.

* The transplanted hair falls out after about a month.

* Approximately 2-3 months after transplantation, the hair that has been shed begins to grow back and grow.

* After 6 months, the hair has become more prominent.

* After 1-1.5 years, your hair will regain its completely natural appearance.

* The transplanted hair is the person's own hair. For this reason, a natural appearance is obtained in our own hair color and appearance.

* Since the transplanted hair is taken from the part of the head that is coded not to fall out, it does not fall out.

* If desired, unshaven hair transplantation method is also used. In this method, the hair regains its natural appearance in 3-4 days.



When hair transplantation is performed using the FUE method, you get completely natural-looking hair in an average of 1 to 1.5 years. The most positive aspect of this treatment is that there are no cuts or stitches in the area where the hair is taken. There is very little pain after this operation and the recovery time is very quick. Scratches can only be found in the area where the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken, but they also heal very quickly.


Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey –

Our Hair Transplant Health Travel Packages

You have decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey. If you are wondering what is included in the services we will offer you. You can check the list below.

We will have a price offer according to which of the services in the list you want. First of all, let's determine the services you request together. We will also have suggestions for you in this regard. Just contact us.

Services we can offer for hair transplant operation:

FUE Hair Transplant

Round-Trip Flight Ticket

PRP Treatment

Hotel Accommodation (2 nights, 5-star hotel (including breakfast), single room (WiFi))

All your transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport with VIP Vehicle; additional transfer costs to reach the doctor's meeting for check-up)

Initial drug treatment and necessary tests in the hospital

Medical Shampoo and Lotion

Laboratory analysis

Medical examination


English speaking patient assistant


Our requests from you:


Take your photos from the front, side and back of your head

Email us for evaluation

Get your custom treatment plan and package offer!

Click here to submit your pictures!


Get Surgery TR before pictures for FUE Hair Transplant via Whatsapp


You only need 2 days in Turkey


Before coming to Turkey, the first consultation is done with your hair pictures.


Welcome meeting at the airport

Counseling and blood tests

Hair Transplant Operation (6-8 hours, local anesthesia)


Check-up visit and first hair wash

Special care products and post-operative instructions

Ready to go back home!

Drop to Airport

We will contact you to follow up on your results!


FUE hair transplant in Turkey – an opportunity to combine surgery with family vacation


Turkey is the world leader in hair transplant operations. Every year, approximately 100,000 foreign patients visit the country for hair transplant surgery. FUE in Turkey is in high demand among people from all over the world, especially from European and Arab countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The main reason why Turkey is the most popular destination for hair transplantation is that the prices here are more affordable than in many other countries. Turkey also has some of the world's most experienced plastic surgeons and hair transplant specialists.


Hair transplanted using the FUE technique gives a natural look that contributes to the popularity of this innovative technology in Turkey. The procedures are done under professional supervision, which guarantees that the transplanted hair will not fall out again. FUE hair transplantation does not leave any marks on the head and brings permanent results that last a lifetime. Recovery from a FUE hair transplant is so rapid that patients can return to their normal daily activities within a few days. This ensures patient satisfaction and greatly increases the interest in hair transplantation in Turkey. The procedure can be done in any season, which is a huge advantage for international patients. When foreigners have free time, they can come to Turkey and get their new hair in just two days!


Hair transplant in Istanbul


Since a hair transplant patient does not need special care after the operation, having FUE in Turkey is suitable for tourists who want to spend extra time in Istanbul. A patient only needs one day for the procedure and one hour for the check-up the next day, leaving enough time for a family outing or outing. No interruptions – patients can enjoy the city as soon as the procedure is over. Many tourists stay in Turkey with their families for a week to a month, and hair transplantation in Turkey is done at very affordable prices.


Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey for FUE hair transplant. It is possible to come across a British, European, American or Arab tourist who has just had their hair transplanted from the airport to the city centre, in hotels and hospitals. Enjoy Istanbul with your family, visit Istiklal Caddesi and Sultanahmet and return home with excellent hair transplant results! Istanbul is a giant hair transplant center chosen by approximately 100,000 foreigners every year. It is also the leading city in the world in the number of FUE hair transplants performed every year. The second most popular city for inexpensive FUE hair transplant in Turkey is Izmir. The reason behind its popularity is that although it is a big city, it is also a quiet city. After all, the FUE technique for hair transplantation in Izmir is as popular as in Istanbul.


Surgery TR provides high quality hair transplant services to foreign patients in Istanbul and Izmir. We work in partnership with major hotels and hospitals in both cities. Surgery TR team work hard to make their patients 100% satisfied by taking hair transplant very seriously and arranging anything you might need in Turkey. All you have to do is get the package price for Surgery TR's affordable hair transplant opportunities. Contact us to find out the cost of FUE hair transplant in Turkey. Remember: choosing the right address for a hair transplant – an easy but serious procedure – is crucial for long-term satisfaction.

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