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Bichectomy Surgery in Turkey

Turkey’s growing popularity in medical tourism makes it an ideal choice for bichectomy patients. This medical surgery can be briefly defined as removal of buccal fats to have thinner lines on face.

Removal of cheek fat fives a sharper appearance of face. It has an important function to achieve beauty on face. Thick and plump lips, thin face, an upright nose and a fine jaw are the golden standards of beautiful face. The exact term that defines beautiful face is called “Golden Ratio”. In order to achieve proportionality all over the face, each facial structure should be kept at certain percentage and these percentage values should be in aesthetic harmony.

Also known as Hollywood cheek or youth triangle, bichectomy operation aims at removing disproportionate appearance of the facial lines. After the surgery, patient will obtain an inverted triangle face shape between chin and cheekbones.

People who have square or U-type faces generally apply for this surgery to have a V-type face. In this surgery, cheek is thinned by removal of buccal fat tissue. An incision of approximately 1 cm is made inside the cheek. The surgery lasts half an hour in general. The intervention is made from the inside of the cheek. So there won’t be any incision mark left on skin surface.


Patients are always wondering about all details of this procedure. The detailed description of this aesthetic surgery shall be provided.

As briefly mentioned earlier, excess fat is extracted from the cheeks without leaving any mark on skin surface. Removal of cheek fat shall boost the self-confidence of a person is it eliminates the impression that he/she looks more overweight than real. For women, fats on face might start to sag as they get older. Those adipose tissues on cheeks are only look attractive at young ages. Thanks to removal of cheek fat, a sharper and attractive look is achieved.

Eligibility for Bichectomy

Ideal face for adults requires a thin face and pronounced lines. Since it aims at a sharper appearance for adults, the lower age limit for this operation is considered to be 25. Before this age, the face and cheek is under continuous transformation. It is only after 25, the final facial features of a person is settled.

People who complain from cheek types that lack sharp and triangular lines are among the ideal candidates for this surgery. It can be applied to both men and women. However, men tend to have less fat than women and thus their buccal fat is removed at lesser amounts. The other factors that impact eligibility for this surgery are indicated below:

· Physical health

· Healthy body weight

· A round and full face structure

· Having realistic expectations about the result of surgery

· Ideally being no smoker

In light of the explanations provided above, it can be safely asserted that bichectomy surgery may not be appropriate for everyone. People with thin face should not undergo this operation. Elderly people are not recommended to have this surgery. Since people tend to lose facial fat as they age, bichectomy may have an opposite effect on elderly people.

Bichectomy Procedure

Before the cheek aesthetic operation, patient is examined and all answers to patient’s questions are provided by the physician. Patient is asked to open and close his mouth during the examination of cheek.

The procedure starts with making a small incision inside the mouth and removing around %40 of buccal fat in cheek. The patient must have a full cheek to be eligible for the surgery. The procedure takes around half an hour and there is no sign of surgery left on face.

Physician pays a special importance to understanding patient’s expectation from the surgery. Patient should also inform the doctor about his medical history and drugs used before. Patient should be on empty stomach before the surgery. Blood tests are performed before the surgery to proceed with operation.

Local anesthesia is performed in bichectomy. If there are other plastic surgeries to be performed simultaneously, general anesthesia is applied by doctor. The application starts with opening a small incision inside the mouth and removing nearly 40% of the adipose tissue in that area. In this process, which lasts an average of half an hour, there is no need to be concerned about aesthetically because the incision mark is left inside the mouth.

After the opening of incision, the predetermined part of the tissue is removed from cheek. It is highly important to remove same amount from other cheek in order to achieve a symmetrical look. Depending on the need, some fillers can be added to target area to achieve a sharp looking cheekbones.

The currently accepted secure method is intraoral transport. There could be minor swelling after the procedure. Patient is recommended to keep his/her mouth clean after the bichectomy operation. The result of the procedure is fully visible within 3-4 weeks.

Can It Be Painful?

Bichectomy is a completely painless procedure. Local anesthesia is performed to sufficient extent to keep pain level at zero. Only small needles can be felt during the procedure. However they will only cause stingy feeling but no pain.

Is There Any Risk in Bichectomy?

Compared to other aesthetic surgeries, bichectomy can be classified as highly safe and low-risk procedure. If all necessary precautions are taken, there is no risk of post-operation complications.

However, complaints might arise if there is poor oral hygiene, bleeding, swelling and wounding. Surgeon must be adept and experienced to assure patient from any complication.

Recovery Period from Bichectomy Operation

The incision opened inside mouth gets healed within 1 week. The scar left from the incision will be barely visible after recovery.

Does Buccal Fat Grow Back?

The removal of buccal fat will be permanent effect. The extracted fat won’t be generated again in skin. After around 1 month, the permanent look will be achieved.

Choosing Turkey to Have Bichectomy

Turkey has been enjoying good reputation to have sophisticated medical treatments including bichectomy. Turkey has earned this status thanks to quality healthcare treatment for competitive price. Most of the clinics offer a complete package for this procedure. The items covered in all-inclusive package are surgery, flight tickets, accommodation, transfers, operational expenses and others. Thanks to this approach, you will receive treatment without worrying about all details during visit to Turkey.

Turkey’s good value for money can be best understood with comparisons with other countries. Below are the price comparison of Turkey with United Kingdom and USA:

Average Abdominoplasty Cost Across Countries

Turkey ................................... $ 1500

United Kingdom ................... £ 3000

United States of America..... $ 5000

Bichectomy Cost in Turkey

As this table shows, average cost of bichectomy is around 1500 USD in Turkey. The minimum price will be 1000 USD and the maximum price is 2000 USD. The type of techniques to be used in bichectomy and the location center are determining the cost. Same doctor may charge higher if the operation will be performed in a different center.

The actual reason for the affordability of this medical surgery is the low cost of living in Turkey. Not only medical costs but also stay in Turkey’s famous hotels is way cheaper compared to other countries. There is also competition between clinics to attract potential patients.

Furthermore, thanks to decades-long of experience and advancements in medical technology in Turkey, you will receive best of treatment. All-inclusive bichectomy will cover services below:

· Surgery

· Anesthesia

· All medications during stay in hospital

· All required pre-operative tests and examinations

· Stay in the clinic with meals

· Accommodation in 4-star hotels for required period

· All transfers between hotel, hospital and airport

· Postoperative check-ups during the stay

· 24/7 open phone consultation

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