Cellulite Cosmetic Treatment

When summer nears, it may be worrying for some women to choose a swimwear if they have cellulite. The aesthetic deformation on thighs and hips appearing as dimples on the skin where fat is accumulated is called cellulite. Nearly 90 percent of women can notice cellulite on their various body parts at some point in life. The prevalence of cellulite among only women –men can also suffer from cellulite but to a lesser extent- stems from the different structuring of muscles in women. Cellulite are only cause of anxiety due to their unaesthetic appearance. They don’t pose any health risk to people. The causes of cellulite formation are inadequate exercise, weight gain, insufficient hydration, changes in hormones and slowdown of metabolism. It is also difficult for body to burn cellulite as it is wrapped in skin’s dermal layer. The only effective solution for cellulite is offered by cosmetic treatments. The plastic surgeons detect and eliminate the factors that pull the skin on thighs and hips to downward direction.

As people age, the risk of developing cellulite increases. Since the skin gradually loses its firmness and gets thinner, the accumulation of fat in hips and thighs gets easier. Below are the essential factors that lead to cellulite formation:

· Hormones

· Wrong diet

· Child bearing

· Lack of exercise

· Hereditary factors

· Accumulation of toxins

· Age

· Body fat ratio

· Getting overweight

Candidates for Cellulite Removal

Treatment of cellulite is a safe an effective method to cure deformities on buttocks and thighs. It can be well tolerated by any patients. The ideal candidates for cellulite treatment can be defined as follows:

· People who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their cellulite

· People who are not classified as obese

· People who does not have unrealistic aims from the cellulite treatment

· People who suffer from obesity but not willing or ready to lose weight to become fit enough for cellulite treatment

Cellulite types can be classified under 3 levels. Type 1 cellulite is the least severe stage of cellulite. Type 1 cellulite formation is seen on overweight women. The dimples on skin are especially noticed when the skin is squeezed. Since it is the least severe level of cellulite, the treatment is much easier when compared to other types.

Type 2 cellulite is observed mostly on women, who had past history of hormonal fluctuations and stress. In this level of cellulite, the capillary vessels, which are small blood vessels with slim walls, are visible. Mesotherapy is an effective method to cure this mild cellulite formation.

Type 3 cellulite develops when the milder forms cellulite formation was not treated. The cellulite formation gets more complicated as accumulation of soft tissue transforms into nodules and stiff tissue. In addition to common cellulite treatment techniques, topical creams are used for massaging as well as other supportive measures such as physical exercises are instructed.

Treatment Options for Curing Cellulite

There are some temporary solutions to address cellulite formation such as over the counter creams and topical solutions. These drugs and supplements may be effective in the short term and help to conceal deformities on thighs and buttocks. But such temporary solutions do not address the root cause of the problem. Only cosmetic treatments can pledge to remove the cellulite once and for all. There are several techniques used by plastic surgeons to get rid of cellulites.

Injectable treatments are effective solutions to cure cellulite and they are becoming popular. The first FDA approved brand is QWO. It is declared as a reliable and effective substance to be used in cellulite treatment. These injections contain specific enzymes to melt down cellulite and smooth dimples. It also boosts fibrous bands within skin tissue to rejuvenate. Last but not the least, injectable enzymes allow an even distribution of fat in the injected area.

Doctor will decide to use injectable treatments after examining the type and severity of cellulite. There could be two sessions which are 3 weeks apart. There could be insignificant side effects after these sessions such as bruising. But overall, many doctors approve the effectiveness and safety of injectable treatments.

The second treatment method in addressing cellulite is laser treatments. A small laser probe is inserted beneath the skin after an incision is made. The laser probe will go through the cellulite area. The laser warms up skin to boost collagen production, enhance elasticity, generate fibrous septae, diminish fat accumulation and smoothen texture of skin.

Laser treatment are also receiving recognition by medical environments for their effectiveness. The results of laser treatment are expected to continue for a year.

Non-laser energy treatment is also developed recently to cure cellulite. Similar to injectable treatments, they support more production of collagen to get rid of cellulite. Pulsed electromagnetic field, radio pulse therapy, radiofrequency and infrared light are among the non-laser energy treatment. These methods need to be repeated regularly for a few months as their results are temporary.

Vacuum suction is another method to remove cellulite. This method is called cryolipolysis in medical literature. Fat underneath the skin is decreased with the suction method and cooling plates. The results are temporary and require repetition in every 3 months.

Acoustic wave therapy makes use of device called transducer over the gel applied skin area. Sound waves are sent to the body area that have dimples. The sound waves dissolve cellulite and smoothen the target area. Like many other cellulite treatment, this treatment should also be repeated since the results are not permanent.

Cellfina is the only cosmetic treatment that have approval from FDA. The device pledges to tackle with cellulite effectively and maintenance of results for 5 years at minimum. The effectiveness of the device comes from its ability to target the root cause of cellulite, which are fibrous bands under the skin. The fibrous bands cause dimples on skin as they function as a rubber band under pressure. Cellfine breaks down these structures to allow skin restore its smoothness.

Cellfina has both advantages and downsides. It is a less invasive method and requires a shorter treatment time. The results will last longer. The negative aspects of this method is it cost, post-treatment pain and discomfort and red dotes as marks of procedure.

Surgery is the most radical treatment option as it gives more lasting results than other methods. Doctor uses blades, needles and other metal tools to cut fibrous brands beneath the skin in order to smoothen the skin. Fat grafting is a common option in surgery technique to enhance skin look. The results are expected to remain for three years. This technique has relatively more post-surgery complications. Bleeding, edema, bruising and other complications might develop in targeted skin area.

When to Expect Results from Cellulite Removal Treatment

Cellulite treatment usually consists of a series of sessions. The extent of cellulite problem determines the number of sessions. A technologic device or gadget is used in each section to break down the fatty tissue and correct skin texture. There could be a negligible discomfort during the procedure. The patients generally start to see noticeable difference after several sessions.

If patient has a severe cellulite formation, then more than just a few sessions will be needed. The mild cellulite deposit can be treated with a few sessions. At least three cellulite treatment session is required to see major change. The type of procedure used in cellulite is also determining factor for the appearance of noticeable results. The type of patient’s body composition also can be considered as factor in seeing noticeable change.

The Future Course of Cellulite Solutions

There has been a major technological progress since the first cosmetic treatment in history. The search for advancing technology in this medical field is ongoing as well. Many cosmetic treatment providers advise to use other methods with Cellfina to get more glamorous results. The corrections made with the treatment will also last longer in this way.

The future treatments are expected to consists of different methods. The popularity of fillers and injectables indicated below is expected to rise in near future as they have been preferred by doctors nowadays with main treatment method such as Cellfina:

· Collagenase: This is a new filler that launched in 2020. This material promises to cut the fibrous bands under the skin in order to break down cellulite.

· Biostimulatory fillers: This injectable acts as filler in dimple to make the skin smoother and diminish the cellulite formation. Here are some brands for biostimulatory fillers:

o Sculptra: This filler is injected into hips and buttocks to increase volume and remove dimples. This material acts as reliable long-term solution since it stimulates collagen formation in the cellulite areas.

o Radiesse: It helps patient’s body to produce collagen in order to smoothen skin and add elasticity to it. Creases and dimples tend to go away with the application of this material.

o Renuva: This brand of filler aims at a slimmer body and fine contours. This method has a supportive role in diminishing and smoothening the areas that contain dimples.

· Skin-tightening modalities: Apart from injectables, there are other types of treatments that are less invasive and good at contouring the body as well as firming and smoothening skin:

o Bodytite: This method performs well at smoothening skin, reducing fat and diminishing creases.

Cost of Cellulite Treatment in Turkey

As being a major medical tourism hotspot in the world, Turkey has been among the most preferred destination for foreign patients. Turkish clinics pledge to offer quality treatment for competitive price. From laser therapy to liposuction, Turkish clinics make use of all proven methods in cellulite removal treatment. The cost of cellulite procedure in Turkey depends on severity of problem, treatment area, expertise of doctor and other secondary expenses. Foreign patients can also have all-inclusive treatment that contain accommodation, travel and translation expenses.

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