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Dental implants have been widely used since their invention in 1960s. Their rising popularity owes to the fact that they increase the quality of people’s lives tremendously. Not to mention the fact that they boost people’s morale and root out oral health problems. That’s the reason why despite the expensive costs people show much appeal to this treatment.

In definition, dental implants can be described as synthetic materials that rely on a solid support to dental bones. Titanium is the most common raw material as it is highly protective against allergies and conforming to human body.

In other words, dental implants can be considered as new roots as they are firmly fixed to dental bones. In this respect, there unfolds a recovery period after the implant procedure. This period takes 2-3 months after when you welcome your healthy teeth.

Although relatively an old treatment, dental implant might cost dearly. Patients might be discouraged to afford such an expensive treatment yet they also tend be much more reluctant to receive cheaper alternatives over fear of poor quality. For those who are facing dilemma in this situation, it is advised to look for clinics in Turkey.

Due to its strategic position between the East and the West, Turkey is one of the unique places where people from all over the world can get quality dental treatment. There are several reasons why Turkey’s quality service in this field doesn’t cost so much.

1) Presence of Proficient Dentists

As per the curriculum in Turkish universities, dentistry students receive five years of education. An additional five years of studies is required for candidate students. Last but not the least; graduates must register with two boards before practicing, which are namely the Turkish Dental Association and the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Years long education term ensures competency among all practitioners.

2) Affordable Treatment Services

In advanced economies like EU countries or the USA, dental implants costs per tooth range between $3000 and $4000 due to the economic conditions in those countries. Whereas, the cost reduces by half in Turkey due to conditions peculiar to the country. In this way, foreign patients can receive same quality service with cheaper costs in Turkey.

3) Easy Travel

Thanks to the close proximity to both Western and Middle-East countries, Turkey is located in a strategic location. The flights from these countries are frequent and convenient. Turkey prefers to adopt a no-restriction policy in visa and passport regime. Citizens from fifteen neighboring countries are exempted from visa. Resident of Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and Bulgaria can enter Turkey even though their passports are expired.

4) High Medicine Standards

Turkish Society of Periodontology (TSP) is tasked with overseeing the standards in dentistry. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, TSP also focuses on preventing the occurrence of dental diseases. TSP encourages patients to take care of their oral hygiene after the dental implant operation.

5) Local Cutting-Edge Technology

Turkey doesn’t only host dental professional dentists but also takes pride with its local industrialists who manufacture cutting-edge technology equipment for dentistry. From stainless steel instruments to sophisticated dental procedure chairs, Turkish industrialists endow local clinics with necessary tools.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

The dental implants are unique materials. They are molded according to the patient’s bone level, age, previous health condition, oral care and overall health.

The dental implants are also lifetime solutions. In this regard, the decision to pick the right implant and dentist is crucial as it will affect someone’s life in the future forever. One has to scrutinize: “Which brand of dental implant should be selected? What are the terms of warranty? Which certificates do implants have? Depending on the brand and implantation method, the price ranges between €400 and €1700.

It should be also noted that dental implant treatment in Turkey is offered as all-inclusive package generally. The services included in this package are:

· Treatment and dental operation

· Accommodation

· Transfers

· X-ray oral imaging

· Temporary teeth

· Fungus protection

The Parameters Determining The Cost

The scope of treatment that is designed according to your complaints and expectations shapes the cost. Whether you have a missing or more teeth, dental implants are costly yet good value for money investments. The factors that are affecting the cost of the treatment are material and location of treatment.

The decision on material for dental implant influences the cost to major extent. Root is generally preferred to be titanium. It is due to the fact that it fuses with the jawbone seamlessly. Titanium is also immune to corrosion and lasts for lifetime. But there is also option to mix titanium with other elements to compose the root. For example, %100 pure calcium hydroxide coat can be good candidate for mixture. This could reduce the overall cost of dental implants.

Cheaper alternative could be a mixture of 70% titanium and the remaining %30 copper and other metal blends. However, this mixture can last 10 years approximately and should be replaced afterwards.

Abutment part could be made from more diverse range of material. Titanium, stainless steel, cast gold, zirconia and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) are optional materials for this component. Titanium is the most expensive but also long-lasting option. For crown part, zirconium fits best compared to other materials. Due to its longevity and durability it has no better alternatives. Zirconium is not prone to chipping and can be rendered similar to the neighboring teeth in color.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are perfect matches of human teeth. It is used by patient during the rest of life. Speech and chewing functions are not affected. There is also zero risk of decay. Compared to other alternatives such as dental bridges, implants are easily cleaned and much more hygienic. Dental implants can also reverse bone loss emanating from the loss of teeth. Dental implants are as comfortable and natural looking as human teeth.

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