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Mesotherapy and Its Application

Mesotherapy is a medical technique that makes use of cosmetic injectables to revitalize the skin. Many people come across with the fact that, as they age, their skin look dull and less tight as it did in their youth. At that moment, many people believe that there can be no effective and natural solution to bring youthful appearance back.

Thankfully, there are many proven cosmetic solutions can help address the undesired effects of ageing. One such example is mesotherapy, a very minimally-invasive technique that offers real, long-term results to patients.

The mesotherapy treatment method originates from France and entails use of micro injections of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and plant extracts on skin. The treatment aims at rejuvenating and tightening skin, improving hair quality and removes excess fat. The technique was invented by Michel Pistor, a French doctor, in 1952.

Therefore, this therapy can be described as a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants injected beneath skin. Those who receive injection on their face report that their skin becomes hydrates, healthy and radiant.

Mesotherapy can also be classified as natural vegan solution for skin. Since natural extract based injections are administered on skin, this method is a perfect example for plant and vitamin formulas. From health side, this gives advantage to mesotherapy as it assures you that only natural potent liquid is administered to skin to rejuvenate it.

The Benefits of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has the capability to rapidly enhance dull and tired looking skills and correct superficial wrinkles. The slow blood circulation gets stimulated and subdermal toxins are removed with this therapy. It also cures skin problems related to hyperpigmentation, acne and grease.

Vitamin content in mesotherapy cocktail stimulates fibroblast cell in the skin to generate more collagen in order to stop and reverse signs of aging. These skin-friendly plant ingredients include but not limited to growth factors, hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. This rich solution offers a perfect basis for healthy skin.

A typical mesotherapy liquid generally contains more than 50 active ingredients that combine their power to repair and freshen up skin. Another advantage of this procedure is the fact that it can be performed alongside anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

Arguably the main benefit of mesotherapy is that it’s a very minimally-invasive cosmetic solution. But In a nutshell, mesotherapy is a practical solution for solving a wide range of cosmetic problems and complaints.

An advantage of mesotherapy compared to other treatment methods is patients can have injectable solutions modified to their unique requirements. Thanks to a solution tailored for patient needs, there are little to no side effects and hence the results are limited to local area.

Mesotherapy achieves its promises by addressing over pigmentation, skin redness, and changing tones on skin. Furthermore, they all trigger collagen production, contributing to a more youthful and healthy-looking complexion.

Mesotherapy is proven to be safe for all types of skin and has very rare post-treatment side effects or complications.

Overall benefits of mesotherapy are as follows:

· Hydration, rejuvenation and tightening of skin

· Regeneration and restructuring of skin

· Skin protection

· Improvement in radiance and hydration of skin

· Rebuilding of skin

· Improvement of acne and scarring

· Instant glow

Can Mesotherapy Be Painful?

A local numbing cream is applied so that only a tiny injection scratch on skin is felt. The duration of the treatment is 20 minutes generally. In case needle injection is not desired by patient, other cutting edge tools such as pen or no needle machine is used to administer the mesotherapy cocktail.

Location of Treatment

Mesotherapy has wide application on body including face, hair, cellulite. Depending on the location of the therapy, different cocktails are created to instigate collagen production and make a healthy looking skin and hair.

Mesotherapy is applied for below mentioned purposes:

· Wrinkles

· Lifeless skin

· Excess pigmentation

· Acne

· Dull looking face

· Cellulite

· Stretch marks

· Hair loss

· Fat reduction

Treatment Application Schedule

The recommended course of treatment is 4 applications (1 every 3 weeks) in total. The aesthetic clinic shall provide up-to-date cutting edge mesotherapy treatments using best plant based ampoules for lifting, shine, aging solutions, acne, scarring and revitalization. The treatment restores elements in body such as magnesium, potassium and calcium to boost skin. In addition, there are also 24 amino acids that take role in production of elastin and collagen. To eradicate free radicals, there are 2 antioxidants to make sure your skin remains healthy and glowing.

Details Of Treatment Procedure

Mesotherapy procedure begins with a topical Vitamin A application to the skin. After waiting for two weeks at minimum, next step would be to proceed with mesotherapy treatment.

The mesotherapy serums used on patients will determined by the specific cosmetic issues they wish to address. It is typically recommended the proceed with serums that contain vitamins A and B, and key peptides for collagen production.

Before the mesotherapy treatment begins, a topical solution to desensitize the skin for 30 minutes. Micro-fine needles with a 1.0mm depth injects the vitamins into your skin during that time. Patients may have some mild redness for 12-24 hours after treatment.

Is There Any Side Effect?

Likewise other cosmetic injection application, very seldom occurring side effects such as bruising, reaction to vitamin cocktail, infection, inflammation or swelling can be observed.

Return To Normal Life After Mesotherapy

Patient can immediately return to normal life after therapy. Redness might be observed on skin after application but clinical experts apply mineral foundation to address red look on face. Redness will complete go away within 48 hours. Patient can quickly return to work and normal life after the treatment.

Mesotherapy is especially recommended if you don’t prefer botox or fillers bur rather would like to achieve a natural glowing look. Since skin is nourished underneath the skin with natural plant based elements, mesotherapy would give the most natural and healthy look.

How Effective Is Mesotherapy?

Effectiveness of mesotherapy is a decisive factor for patients that want to choose the ideal treatment for them.

Actual results of the mesotherapy can be observed by patient after four to six weeks after the therapy session. Since treatments are modified and adapted to patient requirements, successful outcome are mostly not a surprise.

All-Inclusive Package in Turkey

Most of clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer an all-inclusive package in medical treatment. In this way, patient needs not to worry about all details of his visit. The price of treatment is also much more affordable in Turkey compared to other countries. Turkey also ranks higher in terms of medicine technology in world.

The package of all-inclusive treatment covers expenses below:

• Mesotherapy procedure

• Welcome at airport and all transfers

• Post-procedural checks during stay

• 24/7 open phone consultation

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