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Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetic

It may sound utopic if someone pledges you an instant and effortless change on your nose. But this seemingly science-fictional claim is nothing but a reality. Thanks to recent improvements in medical technology, you can obtain dramatic change on your nose through a brief procedure. This non-surgical nose job procedure has been all the rage as soon when it hit the global market recently. It has been also known as liquid rhinoplasty and become the top choice for those who seek alternatives for traditional rhinoplasty.

This procedure consists of injecting hyaluronic acid or similar filler beneath the skin. The results are expected to last six months. It is considered by plastic surgeons as effective and safe. It is not completely complication-free but occurrence of redness or other minor side-effects are rare. Last but not least, another important to note that patient satisfaction from this type of rhinoplasty is high.

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

The procedure has some popular nicknames such as “15-minute nose job” or “liquid nose job”. It is a procedure that only consists of injecting dermal fillers under the skin to change appearance of nose. The new look will last up to six months. In contrast to traditional rhinoplasty, there is no incision, stiches or healing period in non-surgical rhinoplasty. In fifteen minutes, patient gets an effective result and return to normal life with almost zero complications.

This type of rhinoplasty is ideal for people who wish to smooth out bumps on nose without undergoing a surgery. It is also convenient for people who don’t desire a permanent look. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also appealing for people who have worries about the recovery time and risks of traditional rhinoplasty.

Since non-surgical nose job only consists of going under the needle, it is far less complicated then going under the knife. It should be also noted that this procedure is not completely risk-free. This article will go into details about this procedure in terms of costs, recovery, benefits and risks.

What are the Fillers in Nose Job?

There are two main instruments in filling the nose.

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is clinically proven to be safe and conforming to body naturally. This material can hold the water and thus increase volume in the administered areas.

When injected on nose, it smooths out bumps and gives a natural looking straight nose. Doctors commonly use this material to change the shape of your nose according to desired features.

2. Bellafill

Bellafill injections are approved by FDA for removing laugh lines, nasolabial folds and skin imperfections. More recently, this material has been also chosen in non-surgical nose job. FDA doesn’t have any positive or negative declaration on its use as nose filler.

The decision to use Bellafill rests with doctor. He can proceed with systemic injection of Bellafill on nasal slope to even out bumps and achieve a smooth nasal line from profile view. In general, it takes several sessions to inject Bellafill.

Lasting of Non-Surgical Nose Job Results

There is no permanent result achieved with Hyaluronic acid non-surgical nose job. The lasting duration of the procedure depends on the type of Hyaluronic acid. The expected duration is between six months and two years.

Whereas Bellafill injection gives permanent results despite being a non-surgical procedure. It should be kept in mind that the FDA didn’t have comments on its application for use in rhinoplasty. There is no turning point in after Bellafill is injected yet the only reversal is possible through surgical procedure.

How Does It Work?

As stated above, dermal fillers ingredients are used to modify the shape of your nose.

Gel-like injectable filler are inserted beneath skin to achieve smoother lines. The filler ingredient settles into the injected area. It is placed deeper in skin layers and keeps a firm shape. Depending on the type of filler, the look of your nose will have a smoother look for six months to two years.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedure

Liquid rhinoplasty has edge over traditional version in several aspects such simplicity, complications and recovery.

In the first examination by medical doctor, you will be asked about your expectation from the procedure. After learning about your goal, doctor will ask you to lie down with your face tilted up. Doctor will apply a topical anesthetic on your nose and near region so that you wouldn’t feel needle.

After your nose is numbed with anesthetic, doctor will administer the filler on nose and also on nasal bridge. You might have stingy feeling or pressure when it is done. The whole procedure will take from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Target Injection Areas

Nasal bridge, nose tip and sides of nose are common targets in non-surgical rhinoplasty. Any part of nose is filled with injections to achieve the desired shape. These modifications include:

· Evening out small bumps on nose

· A prominent looking nose tip

· Adding volume to nose

· Lifting nose tip

· Camouflaging bumps on nasal bridge

If you want your nose to look smaller, liquid rhinoplasty would not do the job.

Warnings, Risks and Side Effects

You are almost on the safe side with Hyaluronic acid. Whereas most of the possible risks come with Bellafill injection. There occurs only redness for a couple of hours after Hyaluronic acid injection. The occurrence of allergies and other complications are very rare with HA filler.

However, Bellafill contains elements that have higher propensity to cause allergy. In addition, there is risk of keloid when Bellafill is applied.

The common possible side effects are as follows:

· Bruising on injection site

· Swelling

· Filler migration to other areas including eye bags

· Nausea

Nose is defined as a sensitive area. It is close to eyes and consists of blood vessels. That is the main factor that makes liquid rhinoplasty a bit more complicated that other types of filling procedures.

An experienced and professional plastic surgeon will keep these risks at minimum. Otherwise, the risk of having unwanted results will be much higher if inexperienced surgeons are involved in liquid rhinoplasty. There could be even serious complications such as tissue death, sight loss and vascular problems when unlicensed providers attempt at doing the procedure.

Results of the Treatment

The injection will settle one to two hours after the procedure. The redness and swelling will go away at that time. Doctor may advise to apply an ice bag on your nose.

Results will be fully visible within a week. There is no recovery time as patient is advised to resume just after the procedure. The fillers are expected to dissolve within six months. They may last up to two years depending on the type of filler.

Preparation for the Treatment

Your doctor will give you instructions before nonsurgical nose job. Here are some common guidelines:

· Medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E supplements and other blood-thinning drugs are prohibited in the week before the procedure.

· Vitamin K levels should be boosted to avoid risk of bruising. Eating lots of leafy, green vegetables to increase vitamin K intake in preceding weeks before the treatment

· Drinking plenty amount of water and eating a meal is advised before the appointment. Too much eating is not advised as it may cause nausea.

Advantages of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

· No need for receiving anesthesia

· Quick recovery

· Resumption of daily life immediately after procedure

· Temporary results, so ability to restore original look in case results are not satisfying enough

· Lower cost of procedure

Disadvantages of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

· A dramatic change in nose appearance not likely

· Side effects such as swelling and bruising

· Misdirected needle might damage skin

· Relatively new treatment, so long-term effects are yet to be known

Price of Nonsurgical Nose Job in Turkey

The cost changes according to type of filler to be used in procedure. For example, the hyaluronic acid types that endure for longer duration are expensive than those that last for shorter time. The average cost of hyaluronic acid nonsurgical nose job is between $1.000 and $2.000. Bellafill injections are more expensive materials. Their administration would cost between $4.000 and $5.000. Each session will cost around $1.500. 3 to 4 sessions are required in this type of injection.

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