Smile Aesthetics and Smile Design

As the famous saying goes, “Most beautiful makeup is your smile”. It is said for good reason. Smile of a person is an essential part of his or her appearance. Due to its crucial role in people’s facial aesthetics and self-esteem, a particular branch of cosmetic surgery focuses on smile design, also called as smile aesthetics. This cosmetic surgery procedure helps a person to attain his or her smile of dreams.

Smile design is an aesthetic procedure designed according to a person’s description of his or her ideal smile. The delineation of a person’s ideal smile begins with analyzing the shape of teeth by taking into account also the overall size of the face. When determining the target of the smile surgery, the amount of gum tissue appearing when smiling is also taken into account. The other aspects, which are examined and analyzed during the delineation of the patient’s ideal smile, are overall facial shape, color and shape of teeth and lips. For example, if the patient’s teeth require whitening, then this procedure is also included in the surgery.

So smile aesthetics is actually a comprehensive procedure to give a natural-looking and aesthetic smile to the patient. This comprehensive procedure consists of lip remodeling, whitening of teeth, use of veneers, bridges and crowns on teeth, periodontal intervention and changing the length of teeth. In brief, the smile aesthetic treatment includes the procedures below:

· Whitening of teeth

· Dental overhauling to fix teeth structure

· Use of veneers to correct misalignment on teeth

· Use of dental implants or bridges to fill the missing spaces in mouth in order to support jaw structure and maintain facial volume

· Resizing of gummy structure to adjust according to the ideal smile

· Fixing bent or overlapping teeth

Smile Aesthetic Procedure

The designing of smile is mostly done on digital software. A detailed x-ray image of the mouth is taken. The plastic surgeon will capture the image of teeth, root structure, the jawbone and caries.

Therefore the changes to ideal smile are made digitally by considering the overall facial structure and jawline of the patient. By making use of digital platform, the patient will be shown a real mockup of the smile, which he or she will have after the operation. So the patient will be have a general idea about the results of the procedure and will be satisfied before receiving his or her approval for the treatment.

Besides the color and overall structure of the teeth, the plastic surgeon will consider and measure other factors during the planning of the treatment. Tooth length is an important factor in designing the ideal smile for a person. Teeth should be long enough to contribute to a youthful smile and give slimmer look. As people age, the teeth might get shorter due to wear and tear and the gummy look might get more pronounced. When treating short teeth, dental veneers or composite bonding are used to achieve longer teeth. Smile line is the second factor considered by the plastic surgeon for ideal smile. The line of smiling is located around the teeth structure. Ideally, the smile line should be in parallel with the lower lip during a smile. Last but not the least, there should be a proportion among all teeth. For example, the two teeth on the upper middle should be dominant and have e ratio of 4:5 in terms of width-to-length. A balanced smile should take into account this proportion.

In surgical procedures, dental implants are placed in mouth to fill in the missing teeth. These implants, which are a kind of prosthesis and permanent, are inserted in the jawbone. The implant will be permanently adhered to the jaw. Due to its effectiveness as an aesthetic method, plastic surgeons prefer to use it frequently.

The facial defects in posterior jawbone, below section of jawbone and difficulties in teeth closing are some other frequently encountered problems in smile aesthetics cases. The angle of mouth closing affects the way a person smiles. Orthodontic procedure is generally preferred in such cases. The bone movement and the teeth positioning are related with jaw disorders.

For defects in jawbone and dental problems there are several methods applied for their correction. Readjustment of guns, coating of zirconium, implants, removal of wisdom teeth and orthodontics are among the procedure to correct such aesthetic problems. The bent teeth, spacing between teeth and strictures of palate are addressed with orthodontic approach. Such orthodontic treatments are especially preferred for young patients as it is better to retain their own teeth.

Smile design should be tailor-made for each patient because humans have individual characteristics when it comes to their facial features such as lips, teeth shape or teeth color. Although the smile design should be unique to each patient there is a recent trend in aesthetics called as the Hollywood smile. In this design of smile, the teeth on the front should be long, the teeth on the sides should be short and the lips should be prominent and full. This type of small is especially preferred for people with specific facial features such as long and distinctive face structure.

Steps in Smile Design Procedure

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is the first step towards attaining a beautiful smile. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Since the mouth structure constitutes a complete whole, each parts of the mouth should be evaluated in the preparatory phase. Color of teeth and tartar are scrutinized. The mouth is cleansed thoroughly to get rid of dirt. The tartars are also removed. If there are losses of volumes in teeth, then these losses are complemented. The bruises are addressed and removed. If there are spacing and crookedness among teeth, these unwanted features are addressed. Last but not the least, the color of the teeth should be restored to white. Regardless of the perfect alignment of teeth, if they are yellow or any other displeasing color than white, the coloring of the teeth should be made to the original state.

Benefits of Smile Design

If created by the hands of a professional plastic surgeon, the smile design is a promising method to attain long dreamt smile. The major advantages of smile design treatment are listed below;

· The permanent correction of crooked view of teeth and spacing between them

· The redrawing of chin and jawline will make them in harmony with the other facial parts. The golden ratio for the beauty proportions is mostly achieved.

· The glossy looking teeth will boost the beauty of smile. Different colors on teeth are eliminated.

· Opening and closing of the mouth will be painless and smooth. Person can also notice ease while speaking.

Since a comprehensive treatment package is conducted, the results obtained from the procedure will be permanent and last for lifetime.

Smile design is recommended for people who have dissatisfaction with their smile. There is no age limit defined by plastic surgeons. Even children with missing or crooked teeth can receive this treatment to have a healthy smile. In general, the orthodontic methods are used in children’s treatments in order to protect their own teeth.

The smokers are not ideal candidates for smile design. First of all, smoking hampers the process of recovery from the smile aesthetics procedure. Secondly, the expected results from the smile design procedure will not be obtained as smoking continues to leave stains on teeth. Last but not the least, an ideal attractive smile requires oral hygiene, which is compromised by smoking.

Distinction between Smile Aesthetics and Smile Design

Although both aim at the similar region, the smile aesthetics and smile design differ at some points. The smile design has a broader scope than smile aesthetics. In smile aesthetics, the target regions are lips, chin and jawline in addition to the mouth. The aim here is to achieve a smile which is in harmony with overall face. Whereas in smile aesthetics, the dental and gingival intervention is more pronounced. The defects in teeth that originate from hereditary factors or traumas experienced later on are corrected with smile aesthetics.

Veneers are handy and useful instruments used frequently in smile aesthetics. They are very effective in restoring volume loss in teeth, address discoloration in teeth and remove corrosion and cavities in the teeth. By way of using veneers, the teeth are positioned in perfect alignment. During the application of veneers, the teeth are a bit shortened and then the veneers are inserted on teeth. The veneers are thin and almost unnoticeable as they are in leaf form. A sticky substance is used to stick the veneers to the teeth. The veneers are made of several materials. The most durable and quality raw material for veneers is zirconium. Otherwise, the veneers might not last long enough. Whether it is smile aesthetics or smile design, veneers are prominent tools to establish a beautiful smile.

Advantages of Smile Design in Turkey

Turkey enjoys being one of the top destinations for health tourism in the world. Dental and aesthetic treatments are the medical fields in which Turkish healthcare providers have immense experience and skill. Furthermore, the quality service offered by Turkish clinics is much more affordable than other countries. Thanks to affordable cost of living in Turkey, foreign patients do not need to worry about the cost of receiving medical service abroad. Foreign patients can receive all-inclusive treatment in Turkey which includes flight, transfers, accommodation, medication and translation services in addition to the treatment. Even though an aesthetic treatment might require multiple visits, this won’t change the cost of the treatment dramatically.

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