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Stem Cell Rejuvenation Treatment

Human body is composed of different types of cells. There is a particular type of cell that functions as the basis of all tissues and organs in the body, which are called stem cells. They are also called as main cells that can transform into any kind of cells in human body. Due to their unique properties, they are an indispensable part of repair process in organs. They can restore tissues to original state when damages or losses occur due to injuries or for other reasons. Stem cells uniqueness comes from their ability renew themselves.

Regenerative medicine is a growingly popular treatment that aims at replacing or regenerating cells, tissues and organs to perform their ordinary functions. The stem cell treatment was first invented in 1960s and then recognized as the only method to offer rejuvenation by triggering natural mechanisms within human body.

This method was approved by the FDA in the USA. In Turkey, this treatment was approved by Ministry of Health in 2016 and has been applied to thousands of people since then.

This treatment’s goal is to stimulate the body’s own repair mechanism to reconstruct damaged tissues and organs. This treatment even aims at achieving dramatic achievements such as curing spinal cord damage, muscular dystrophy, dementia, autism and other severe diseases. The treatment is performed through transplanting stem cells from the patient (autologous transplantation) or semi-compatible donor (haploidentic transplantation).

The bone marrows are popularly known as source of stem cells. Besides bone marrows there are other areas to derive stem cells such as peripheral blood, cord blood or adipose tissue.

Reasons for Aging Skin

As person ages, the firmness and elasticity level of the skin reduces and wrinkles appear out of nowhere. Other factors such as overexposure to sunlight, loss of collagen and toxic dermal materials exacerbate aging signs. Skin rejuvenation through stem cells is highly effective and promising solution to root out the causes of aging. The lost tissues are regained and deformities are corrected with skin rejuvenation procedure. The ultimate goal of this procedure is to achieve a younger, brighter and firmer appearance.

Properties of Stem Cell

Stem cell treatment focuses on using stem cells to revive damages or missing cells in order to overhaul tissues and organs. In this regard, the treatment aims at repairing the damages that occur in the organs due to traumas or diseases.

The aging process gathers momentum as early as in the age of 30. The fibroblast cells, that are responsible for producing ligaments and collagen, begin to die at the rate of %2 per year. As a result, sagging and wrinkles begin to form up on the skin. The death of fibroblast cells, which are cross bonded to each other, leads to mesh to dissolve and the ligament to get loose. The tissues which harbor collagen get deformed and skin begins to look older. As the pace of this deformation increases, skin gets older and older.

Skin rejuvenating with stem cells can be performed on hands, face, chin, neck and cleavage areas. When applied on face, the wrinkles caused by mechanisms within collagen and elastin fiber, sagging, spots and acne scars are removed. Similar results can be achieved in hands, neck, chin and cleavage areas. The stem cell treatment also addresses veiny look and spots caused by diminishing skin tissue in hands.

Advantages of Stem Cell Rejuvenations

As humans get older, face and tissues are subjected to deformation similar to other body parts. Loss of volume on face occurs as well as collagen and elastin fibers gets fragmented and reduced. Most of the patients complain doctors about the sagging and loosening appearance as well as loss of firmness on their face. Stem cell therapy is a promising solution to overhaul nonperforming mechanisms. As a result of the treatment, the skin gains a younger and brighter appearance. The biggest advantage of skin cell treatment is the long-lasting effect.

How is Treatment Performed?

The stem cells are obtained from peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood or umbilical adipose tissue. After the appropriate stem cell is extracted from patient or donor, it is injected through patient’s vein or administered directly to the damaged area.

The success rate of the treatment varies according to the type of the illness, the period and ensuing complications. Furthermore, the adhesion of stem cells may not be achieved and thus the treatment shall be repeated.

According to the recent scientific research, the subcutaneous adipose tissue contains the most dense stem cell depository. As the area rich with stem cell population, the adipose tissue has been widely utilized as source of stem cell in aesthetic applications.

The stems cells that are located as pericytes (satellite cells) in the subcutaneous or near the belly fat tissue are extracted through liposuction method. Through this procedure, the adipose tissue is removed and a stem cell-rich Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is obtained.

Under the laboratory conditions and sterile conditions, the derived adipose tissue sample (usually in a glass) is separated. Then, the separated substance is injected into the target area for rejuvenation or repair.

Stem Cell Treatment for Diseases

The stem cell treatment is used to address several types of diseases that emerge in heart, brain and nerves. Some of these illnesses are as follows: bone marrow cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, anemia, organ cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma, plasma cell diseases, bone marrow failure, multiple myeloma, congenital blood diseases, immunodeficiency induced diseases, hereditary metabolic diseases.

Stem Cell Treatment in Aesthetics

There are various stem cell treatment methods in aesthetic field. The most frequently used and effective method is the performed when stem cells are derived from adipose tissue.

The research suggests that the complete results will be visible in about 6 months after the aesthetic procedure. The effect of stem cells will last between 5 and 10 years. The duration of effects depends on the skin characteristics and status of aging.

The aesthetic and cosmetic procedures in which stem cell treatment can be performed are as follows:

· Anti-aging

· Hair loss treatment

· Scar healing

· Contouring on Face

· Remodeling of jawline

· Cheekbone filling

· Breast aesthetics

· Butt lift

· Correction of nose deformities

· Facelift

· Lip enhancement

· Hand and leg aesthetics

According to scientific studies, the best outcome from stem cell treatment is achieved when performed in conjunction with stem cell-enriched fat injections.

Facial and Skin Rejuvenation with Stem Cell Treatment

The most commonly used stem cell treatment in facial and skin aesthetics is the injection of the stem cells derived from adipose tissue. One glass of adipose tissue extracted from adipose tissue around the belly will be sufficient. A liposuction method is used to obtain stem cells from the target region.

The extracted fat tissue is immediately processed without pause. Fresh stem cells are administered under the skin after making small holes with particular tools. The end result will be regeneration of fibroblast and elastic components in the skin.

As soon as the stem cells are derived from the adipose tissue, they should be injected under the skin. Otherwise stem cells will be decomposed.

Hair loss is another disease treated with stem cells. The extracted stem cells are injected into the thinning hair region. As a result of the injections, the target area will be renewed and repaired.

Another regenerative effect of stem cell treatment can be observed on diseases such as meniscus, ligament tears and joint calcification. Similar to injections such as hair loss, cells are derived and separated in the same way into the joint in patients.

The goal of the treatment is to create a cartilage tissue or similar structure in the joint within six months after the treatment. This procedure triggers regeneration in joint tissue and enables self-repair.

Effects of Initial Application

Each application entails taking a biopsy and a total of 3 injections across one month. Afterwards, the stimulation of regenerative mechanisms and activation of cells beneath the skin commences. The final results can be observed after one year milestone. The quantity of fibroblast cells that are regenerated in this first year corresponds to the cells that died over 8-10 years. So, regardless of the stem cells injected into the skin, the effect of rejuvenation will be between 8-10 years.

Repeating the Treatment

It is possible to repeat the treatment after the effects of first injection goes away in 8-10 years. The rejuvenation will be in place for 8-10 years more after next injection. So it is fairly safe and effective to repeat the stem cell treatment.

Is There Any Risks Associated with Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

Skin renewal treatment with stem cells can be safely described as risk-free. It is due to the fact that patient’s own stem cells are administered to himself. The procedure also does not pose any allergy or health risks. The treatment safely deletes the effects of aging in the most natural and healthy way. It rewinds the time 8-10 years back by replacing the diminished cells with fresh and young cells.

There is no age limit to become eligible for the skin rejuvenation treatment. As soon as a person starts to notice signs of aging in his skin, he can consult with doctor. After the first injection, patient’s treatment can be repeated depending on his age and condition of skin.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Turkey

The stem cell therapy is relatively novel area of medical procedure and there is still ongoing research into its other potential uses. On the other hand, the appeal for this medical treatment is rising continuously. Since the treatment is still under continuous development and requires a highly specialized approach, there is high cost associated with it.

More detailed and advanced procedures may cost tens of thousands of dollars, even as high as 100.000 $. The precise answer for the cost of the procedure is 1.000$ to 100.000$ depending on the scope of the surgery. A simple injection into a damaged knee will be cheaper than healing an MS patient. Patients should consult doctor about the price of treatment before deciding to go ahead with the treatment.

With internationally acclaimed hospitals and highly talented medical practitioners, Turkey is a prime destination to receive stem cell treatment. Patients will receive an exceptional care before and after the treatment. The foreign patients can enjoy all-inclusive treatment package. The all-inclusive stay in Turkey includes but not limited to transfer from airport to hotel and hospital, accommodation, medications, translation services and treatment. Due to Turkey’s unique conditions, the price of stem cell treatment is much affordable than those offered in the UK, US or India.

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