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More and more hair transplant candidates are of the belief that Turkey is an ideal place to get good value for money. The patients can get an all-inclusive package, which consists of transfers, medicines, accommodation, translation services and guidance. In this way, foreign guests are assured that everything will go as planned. Not to mention the fact the all-inclusive hair transplants will cost only third or even quarter compared to the other countries.

Pre-eminence of Turkey in Aesthetic Surgeries

In the field of cosmetic surgery, Turkey has seen a boom in terms of quality and variety of the aesthetic procedures. Accumulation of medical knowledge and state-sponsored education contributed to Turkey’s recent fame in this field. Istanbul, which is the prime hotspot for cosmetic surgery patients nowadays, hosts more than 500 clinics. Patients from United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand flock to Turkey by enduring long flights. This phenomenon entrenched Turkey’s firm position as a global hot spot for aesthetic surgery patients.

Methods Offered in Turkish Hair Transplant Clinics

The modern trends in hair transplant techniques, such as the FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) and the DHI hair transplant technique (Direct Hair Implantation) are most widely used treatments in Turkish clinics.

These techniques enable easy and smooth operation as the donor areas are left unscarred. In FUE, the hair surgeon plants the hair follicles plucked from the donor area. Whereas in DHI, a special implanter pen is used by the surgeon to cut the canals and implant the plucked follicles simultaneously. In both of these techniques, the hair follicles are removed from the scalp individually.

There are also brand new techniques that has been employed by some Turkish surgeons. Sapphire FUE and Sapphire DHI come to fore as promising new methods used in Turkish clinics. A special cutting tools made of sapphire is crafted in this technique to allow less complicated transplantation and quicker recovery of the scalp incisions. In extreme cases, body hair is considered to be donor grafts by surgeons. It is especially the case when the donor area from the back of the head is deemed insufficient.

What Are Included In All-Inclusive Package?

Although it may change from clinic to clinic, the below services can be safely mentioned as the essential aspects in hair transplant packages:

· Consultation with a hair transplant surgeon

· Laboratory blood test

· DHI or FUE transplantation

· Requisite medications

· Post-operative care

· Accommodation (generally in a hotel)

· Transfers between airport and clinic

· Translation service

Which Belongings You Should Take For Hair Transplant?

Soon after you decided to have a hair transplant in the clinic, it’s time to pack your luggage! Which belongings you should put in the suitcase? Here are some essential tips and recommendations for you.

Turkey has a mild and balanced climate. Except winters, the overall temperature changes between 20 and 30 degrees. But the weather gets chilly at night during when the temperature generally drops below 18 degrees. In winter, both inland and coastal regions see temperatures below zero degrees. Therefore, it is recommended to include appropriate clothes when preparing your luggage. Keep in mind that in warm and sunny weather it is advised to wear hat after hair transplant. Doctors highly advise to avoid direct sunlight for several weeks after the operation.

It should be kept in mind that climate might differ among regions in Turkey. For example in İstanbul weather is humid and rainy compared to other metropolitan cities like Ankara and İzmir. Istanbul receives precipitation mostly in December and January, when there are 18 days rainy on average in a month. Therefore, it is advised to include umbrella and raincoat among your belongings. In spring and autumn, the weather is even and lukewarm. The temperature ranges between 15-20 degrees and seldom falls below 10 degrees at night. But it can be windy in Istanbul due to its nearby location to the sea. So windproof clothes are highly advised to wear in İstanbul.

In Ankara, the weather is calmer than Istanbul yet the temperature degrees differ more. It is especially the case during winter as the weather gets much colder in the inland province. It is advised to wear warm clothes in Ankara except summer season.

Luggage List for Ladies

· In summer; light clothes such as shorts and skirts. But it is advised to wear long clothes when visiting religious places like mosques or tombs. It is the dress code in holy places. In winter; trousers and long dress.

· On the day of the operation, long-sleeved t-shirt or blouse and 1 pair of comfortable pants.

· For sleep, pyjamas or nightgown which has a large neckline. Clothes should not rub the scalp when taken off.

· Sunglasses

· Tablet/laptop/mobile phone and charging devices.

· Passport and identity card

· Toilet bag. Personal hygiene items such as shampoo are provided by clinics so not mandatory to include them.

Luggage List for Men

· In summer, shorts or trousers. In winter; long trousers.

· Loose fitting T-shirt or shirt with large neckline. It is especially important to fit shirts over the scalp without rubbing.

· Pjyamas, track suit or other comfortable clothes at night.

· Sunglasses

· Tablet/laptop/mobile phone and charging devices.

· Passport and identity card

· Personal hygiene items such as shampoo are provided by clinics so not mandatory to include them.

Clothes to Put On During the Operation Day

It is important to wear comfortable clothes during the procedure day. Patient will be lying or sitting for couple of hours so it is better to prioritize comfort over being stylish.

Despite taken all measures, some blood or liquids might spill on your clothes. So it is advised to wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind when get dirty. Even in summer, long-sleeved shirts should be worn in the operation room where air-conditioner cools the environment.

Tips to Rest Assured About the Proficiency of Clinic

Although Turkey has reputation for good value for money when it comes to hair transplantation, it is recommended to be assured of several points before choosing a clinic.

1– Certifications of the Hospital

The health tourism in Turkey is booming continuously. Ministry of Health publishes list of certified clinics to ensure the safety of international patients. The following link contains the list of ministry approved clinics:

2- Be Wary of Google Ads

Instead of randomly searching through the Google and being distracted by the superfluous ads, it is recommended to check the official websites of hair transplant hospitals. The credibility and professionalism of the clinic can be assessed by careful attention to details on its website.

3– Review by Patients

Google reviews of clinics can be reliable and decisive information when it comes to assessing the credibility of clinic. Former patients of the clinics give an objective account of their experience while they comment on Google reviews. In that regards, experience of patients would give an immense insight on the actual qualities of a clinic.

4- Examine Before and After Photos

End result of a hair transplant operation can never be best understood without checking the before and after photos of patients. Comparing with the former state of the patient with the new scalp would show how dramatic the outcome is.

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